Chi Chi Classics Palette!

Hey any beauty fanatics out there OuO  This is a review on the  Chi Chi  Classics pallette which I was eyeing for quite some time prior...

Hey any beauty fanatics out there OuO 

This is a review on the Chi Chi Classics pallette which I was eyeing for quite some time prior to actually deciding to get one. Chi Chi is an Australian brand that sells their products at Myers and Target and besides a random lip gloss I received when I was around 10, I haven't tried anything from the brand. I'm just attracted to palettes of any sort and in terms of what you can find in Australia, you'd need to go to high-end stores in the city to find nice eyeshadow palettes with a good range of colours. Most of the palettes around drugstores and local stores e.g. Priceline only really stock singles and quads.

Firstly I just like the look of the palette, simple, clean, and quite lightweight as well. Although when I did take it out of the packaging and had a good hold, I didn't like the plastic feel so much (just didn't feel sturdy enough...) can't complain though given the price~

There are a mix of 6 matte shades and 6 shimmer plus two sponge applicators that I have a feeling I will never use... 
First three shades being the real basic 1. highlight, 2. lid, 3.define matte shades.
4. shimmery gold with slight pink undertone
5. Burgundy - this was one of the shades that I was most excited about but the pigment power was so baaaaad ;( when I try to swatch it sticks to my finger and a brush doesn't work very well either
6. interesting shade because it looks slightly green but when swatched actually came out purple with gold shimmer O_O 
7. matte lavender
8. shimmery yellow- not gold. yellow
9. Light grey shimmer
10. slightly darker grey shimmer
11. Matte navy
12. Dark grey/almost black matte

*Describing colours is hard* I know some bbloggers do this and a few with the most detailed colour vocab but I decided to keep things simple haha #wengisnoob


Sorry for the dodgy lighting ;_; The shadows weren't as pigmented as I thought they'd be - the matte ones had better pigment and to get this colour payoff I had to swipe 2-3 times so you definitely need to build on the colours to get the intensity you want. 

- Awesome range of colours and a pretty good mix that complement each other
-Decent price
-Texture of matte shades and some shimmer
-Sleek packaging

-Packaging (haha a pro and a con... )
-Colour payoff for a few shades (that burgundy =_='') 

Overall I think the palette really does cover the classic shades and like what many others have to say, you really do get what you pay for and 12 shades is pretty good (y) .Hopefully I can find more use out of the matte shades so *prepare for experimentation time* 

Besides this palette I decided to order a set that was recently in Myer's midseason sale so yey more experimentation on the way!

That turned out lengthier than I thought... (and I actually wrote this post two months ago... )

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