My First Digital Perm OuO

Heyo~ Now, there is quite a big difference between hair salons in Australia and Asia (or Malaysia as far as I know). The price, the techn...

Now, there is quite a big difference between hair salons in Australia and Asia (or Malaysia as far as I know). The price, the technique and products. As well as the fact that asian hairdressers are obviously better experienced when dealing with thick asian hair (like me). I rarely get my hair cut in Australia with only 1-2 minor cuts by my mum per year! In the past, I always went for a straight perm but this time around I went for the curls. 

Shameless salon selfie ^_^ oohoohoo

The first salon suggested by my relatives was totally booked out for the day so we went the day after. Despite that though, the manager had flown out that day and didn't seem to have told his employees about our booking so the four (sisters, mum and I) hung about for over an hour waiting for news because none of the employees were experienced digital perming >_< and all except one seemed to have avoided us. I was pretty annoyed ..... Asides from that, the hair salon was clearly popular because people were taking advantage of the holidays to get ready for Christmas and Chinese New Year. Also, I was pretty convinced that the hairdressers were the most stylish people in town (dat pink hair doe) 

^Digital perm machine. Looking slightly horrifying from this angle

SO. We left that salon with low spirits and opted for the same one we went to last time I got a perm. It was more expensive but I was pretty happy with the service (no waiting time!), the manager there seated us immediately and she took pretty good care of us for the few hours we were there.  

We were given little, thick booklets full of hairstyles - mostly Japanese and Korean style but I was convinced that even if you wanted to choose a certain 'magazine' look, the ones in the booklets are really just temporary (one off makeovers) or high maintenance that the salon probably couldn't provide... In total we spent around 3-4 hours there. There was the cut, layering, applying perm solution (smelly!), leaving that on for 30+mins, wash, then using heat with rollers followed by a different solution then ta-da. done.

One thing I loved about the salons was that they had screens in between each of the mirrors for customers. We watched 'The Amazing Spiderman' (asdkcjnalksj *Andrew Garfield*) and after that was done, Transformers came on and my sister and I just SPAZZED . Yup, we looked crazy.

Le final result . The black curls are a bit hard to see

Day after!

Fresh out of the shower when the hair is at its curliest. After a night's sleep and a day of not washing it's pretty limp. The salon provided some products to help retain the curls as well as treatments because the perming made my hair so so so dry. D:

Overall I'm happy that I've tried something different and hope it lasts for at least half a year haha -seeing as it's already gone limp and it hasn't even been a month. Maybe have the next major change in a year or two~

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  1. When I go to the hair salon, I always get a a straight perm but your curly perm looks really nice! Maybe I'll try one when my hair grows out. Thanks for sharing your experience~

    Catherine | leekcat

    1. Glad you liked it :D Straight perms make it easier to handle your hair I think, I haven't brushed my hair ever since getting the curls! (as it would straighten them out quickly) >_<