Summer Essentials 2014 and 2015

We've just surpassed midpoint for summer down here in Australia whilst the rest of the world seems to be in other seasons (but th...

We've just surpassed midpoint for summer down here in Australia whilst the rest of the world seems to be in other seasons (but there ain't a summer like the Aussie summer imma tell you that right now.)

 A friend of mine described it as 'in Australia you're being grilled, whilst in Singapore you're being steamed.' Totally agree with that analogy :D

ANYWAY. On to what this blog post is about! I see other 'Summer Essentials' posts that contain 10+ products - most of which don't really apply to summer needs, which is why I narrowed down mine to 3 products that everyone - EVERYONE. should use ;)

 Kind of a no-brainer but throughout my schooling years (especially in the final 3 years walking to and from the train station), I didn't apply sunscreen regularly! From reading up on the importance of protecting your skin from UVA and UVB rays- I make sure to put some on every time I go out. 

My mum purchased this one by Banana Boat (RRP $16.49) when I had to go on a school camp and I've used it ever since. Works quite fine and there's nothing I dislike about it. sweeeet :3

2. Deodorant 
I only use deodorants on occasions I find truly necessary to and I stopped using some roll on antiperspirants after hearing there was a link to breast cancer OnO don't want that. I came across 'Kiehl's Superbly Efficient Antiperspirant and Deodorant Cream' in my parent's bathroom and started using that. They're not kidding when they labelled it as 'Superbly Efficient' It's the best one I've ever used! Plus, it's a cream- something I hadn't come across before. AUD $21

3. Facial Sunscreen- Taking the extra step to protect your face from premature wrinkles, spots and other sun damage is crucial. I used to think I was still too young to use products like this on a daily basis but 'preventure is better than cure' right?

This is the only one I currently own that came as a freebie for Australia's Harper's Bazaar November 2014. It seemed great with a high SPF, mattifying claim and a product from Model Co. So why not? A review for this sunscreen soon :)

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  1. Sunscreen is so important! I still put a sunscreen layer on my face in winter!^^ But I've never heard of a deodorant cream! Sounds interesting!

  2. i always throws me off when i see AUS talking about summer when its -21C here. LOL.

    1. Hahahahaha we're literally down under , upside down , totally the opposite from the rest of the world. Around this time, most of the youtubers I've subscribed to make winter videos I'm like x______x Likewise, thanks for dropping by Jenn!