Bourjois Smoky Stories Eyeshadow Palette: Upside Brown

Bourjois released a new set of eyeshadows (towards the end of 2014 I believe) and none other attracted me more than Upside Brown consisti...

Bourjois released a new set of eyeshadows (towards the end of 2014 I believe) and none other attracted me more than Upside Brown consisting of 3 cool toned eyeshadows and some serious glitter in the center to ***sparkle things up***

all the shades colour coordinated for a complete smokey eye look. Although, they're probably not all available in Australia sadly :'(

Watch: A quick 20 second tutorial by french blogger Le Simone

I attempted to outline the bottom of my eyes with the middle shade and this is what happened:

PANDA EYE- JUST FOR YOU DUY! :D feel special ;) Your prophecy became reality. sort of...

I can't compare the quality of these shadows to the Smoky Trios seeing as I've never tried them but one thing's for sure, these eyeshadows are way better than the Plum I received in my Bourjois Beauty Box. As soon as I swatched the gold shade in store, I KNEW this was what I was picking up from the 40% off sale hahaha. *love at first sight guys* <3<3<3 After a few uses and actually using it on my eyelids, the lightest shade appears to have a hint of olive in certain lighting (but that could just be me). Packaging is simple and compact- not exactly slim because the palette is round but nonetheless, travel friendly. 

All three of the eyeshadows are well pigmented, buttery soft and have barely any fallout (FANTASTIC!). Another thing is that I don't mind using the applicator - especially the pointier, less spongy end for more precise application. A huge surprise was how much glitter was packed into the middle section. Only the slightest touch within the white square was needed for a significant amount of fairy dust to get onto fingers. The glitter is a tad grainy and difficult for me to apply to the inner corners but still. super pretty. 

My look: do I look somewhat vampy? ^~^ hehehe

*unedited photo* just keepin'itreal 

At the end of the day, Bourjois has done a fantastic job with these eyeshadows and I feel like they haven't received as much attention for what they are. By including the glitter in these quads, I'd already pick these over the previous trio sets. I had fun playing with this palette because I'm not one to wear eye looks remotely heavy like the classic smokey look but yo. practise make perfect ^~^

RRP: $24 AUD

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