Favourites and Highlights of July

Heya!  Welcome to my first Favourites and Highlights post. I decided to combine the two categories to summarise what I've been lovi...


Welcome to my first Favourites and Highlights post. I decided to combine the two categories to summarise what I've been loving in all aspects of my life for each month. Without any further or do, let's begin: 

July Mid Year Holiday Favourites

The glorious 4 week holiday following semester one exams meant time to bond with my Wii console. It's been far too long since I've played so I re-sparked my gaming with Super Mario Galaxy. Feeding star bits to the cute stars and watching them expand x10 in size in 10 seconds is immensely amusing  ◕ I brought the second volume of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles one afternoon to Bribie Island and remembered why I was obsessed with manga in junior high. Asides from the Daiso BB Cream, I found myself reaching for green products such as Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (used as sleeping mask), Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea perfume, Innoxa Organic Brightening Eye Cream.

Temporary Body Tattoos from Lovisa! I was a noob the first time and applied it as a straight line down my lower arm (still thought it looked cool) but yes, these are for your wrists. 

Making party bags ft. the assistant sister

cutting some......


Had a great 18th with family, bae and friends. Despite having 18 people at the dinner, we didn't manage to finish two cakes.... My hair smelt like kbbq for days afterwards OuO yummy

18th Birthday presents from friends (。◠‿◠)

Finally. bought. some. BOOOTS. I don't know how many times I would be out and about in the city LOOKING at boots and never ending up getting any. I was hoping to get flat boots but the black heeled ones were the only ones available at Myer. 

Noodle Markets South Bank

First of all, waaaay better than Story Bridge 75. We went on a Saturday so it was quite a crowded night but the decorations!!! Lanterns, a large inflated neko and the 'Brisbane Eye' shining brighter than usual. As for food, people were swarmed in front of almost every  stall. Not to mention the wafting smell of 'Hoy Pinoy' chicken kebab sticks mmmm. The experience gave me a glimpse of what Eat Street Markets would be like (but asian style) and we settled our taste buds with 'Okonomiyake Pizza'.

July's Music Faves: 

1. I'm a Woman Too-Minah
2. Name On It- Goshfather and Jinco
3. Back in Time- Lyn (린) 
4. Get Low- Dillon Francis, DJ Snake 
6. Love Me Like You Do- Ellie Goulding
7. Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood

Quite the mix- I felt like this month's most played really portrays the music I'm into. K-pop, techno/wubwub, house music, k-ballad, Pop and Country. 

App (Game) -Alphabear!!!!

Okay, I just started playing this yesterday and I can firmly say I am obsessed! I don't play any games on my phone besides Cytus so that's when these adorable bears came to the rescue. The aim of the game is to create words with the letters provided which will let you grow the sizes of the bears, the bigger the more points you earn and this lets you unlock more bears for your collection. Each with their own abilities to boost your scores and letter speciality. Love love love this.

Current Drama: The Moon that Embraces the Sun. 3 weeks in and I'm only up to the 12th episode.

Anime: Attack on Titan

Now, a lot of my friends would rave about this anime back in 11th grade when almost all my interest in anime had diminished. Two years later, I decided to watch the first season and quite like it. There will be cinema screenings for the live-action adaption of Attack on Titan later this month so I'll be sure to catch that. Probably a 7/10 for me. Main two things I took away from this anime is:
1) Titans are terrifying when they run
2) Great cliffhanger

Hope you enjoyed the post and take care,

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