A Home Away From Home

I've started to notice that the older we get, the more time we spend in our rooms surfing on the internet, working or studying rat...

I've started to notice that the older we get, the more time we spend in our rooms surfing on the internet, working or studying rather than snuggling up under the sheets dreaming the night away. (In fact, I spend a lot of time just thinking about sleep haha.)

From personal experimentation and experience, here are my must-have items for creating my own little world: 

1. Wall Art!!!

My first and foremost rule when it comes to interior design is depth. You need to consider how spacious you want your room to look by using light and wall art. 

2.Once you've figured out what you're working with, you can make any room look wide open or closed in! I've subconsciously put in a lot of effort into plastering every wall in my room with SOMETHING because I like surrounding myself with inspiration and making the room my cozy hideout. 

^awkward hand with henna BUT main focus being the photo prints that sit above my bed to remind myself of just a few places I want to travel to. 

On other walls, I have movie posters, drawings, motivational quotes, personal photos, music inspirations.  Pretty much everything I like....... You don't realise how much a room says about you until a friend walks in and spends time wandering along your walls. 

2. A solid bed. 

The average person spends around 25 years sleeping in their lifetime. That's literally sleeping off your school years! University nights will be one of the craziest, stressful times we will encounter and you want to make sure that you have quality bedding all the while to get you through. Do not underestimate the importance of quality sleep .....!

The Parachute team based in Venice Beach California offer a line of everyday bedding basics to enhance the sleeping experience. A really sweet feature is their support for 'Nothing but Nets' global campaign to fight malaria in sub-Saharan African children. I'm currently eyeing their Venice sets and pillow cases. I also never knew about fabric swatches!!! Free shipping to help you decide what you like before you take the plunge. Yes please :D

3. Speakers 
Acoustic tech has really spiked in popularity over the years and I find these little hand-held boomboxes in tech stores with enough bass to pump a party. Music is quite essential and it's key to setting the mood. There are so many options out there so go crazy! 

Of course there are so many other things you need in your room during university. For those who live in dorms, a mini fridge perhaps? Plus the basic necessities like a good lamp, storage drawers etc. Another important tip is to always keep things clutter free to put you in the right frame of mind :) 

What are your top must-have room essentials? 

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